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  History - How the Translator evolved  
   Looking for an older version of Subtitles Translator, because the older worked better/faster/reliable? Here you can get it, along with history information.

Version 1.72 (4th June 2006)
» When dividing line, end/start times for divided lines get automatically computed.
» Replace text feature in addition to find.
» MicroDVD formating doesn't get counted into number of characters in a line.
» SubRip formating gets converted upon import/export to Subtitles Translator (italics, bold, underline, color).
» Control of video playback with a mouse (+scroll wheel).
» Possition of video window can be saved.
» Other bugfixes (mainly regarding updating of status line).
DownloadVersion 1.72 available:
DownloadStandalone Vista fix for WMP6.4:

Version 1.71 (14th February 2005)
» Interactive counting of characters in selected line.
» Alternative marking of too long line according to character count.
» Fixed bug causing duration not recounted after merging lines.
» Charset for subtitles under video changes according to upper/lower grid.
» Fixed bug causing errors in remapping shortcuts.
» Fixed bug causing editing cell loosing focus when the duration column's disabled and pressing left arrow.
» Fixed bug causing current line in project not set correctly when project was saved with disabled video.
» Other minor bugfixes.
DownloadVersion 1.71 available:

Version 1.70 (5th April 2004)
» Import/Export of SubRip (*.srt) format.
» Selection of multiple cells with mouse.
» Cut/Copy/Paste of whole and multiple lines.
» Column for duration of subtitles.
» Searching for too many characters in line and too many lines in subtitles.
» Drag&Drop for video files.
» Grid lines can follow video upon playing.
» Current line with percental indicator.
» Fixed Mark In/Out, now should be working correctly.
» Many bugfixes (see help file for list).
DownloadVersion 1.70 available:

Version 1.67b (16nd October 2003)
» Fixed a bug which caused dividing subtitles only in active grid.
» Some bugfixes that you could experience when working with expert editing features (replacing translated subtitles with empty lines
DownloadVersion 1.67b available:

Version 1.67 (22nd September 2003)
» Implemented Autosave feature for projects
» If frame cells are empty in both original and translation, filling frame numbers affect both original/translation
» Some minor bugfixes (Copy line SHIFT+ENTER added to shortcuts, adding extension to new project, etc.)
DownloadVersion 1.67 available:

Version 1.66 (28th May 2003)
» Added quick access to recent opened projects
» You can now reconfigure shortcuts to the most of the commands
» Lines in grid are now formatted according to {y:} and {c:} tags
» Line separator | is now marked in chosen color and you can specify max. number of characters in one line, otherwise the line is marked as too long
» Added volume and playback speed control
» Fixed some minor bugs (\n character in localization, read only edits, insert current frame in subtitles cell, +++ - thanks adicoto)
DownloadVersion 1.66 available:

Version 1.65 (12th April 2003)
» Added option to "freeze" actual editing row in the middle of the grid (so you can see few lines back and ahead - thanks uvuv)
» Added option in configuration to remember movie window dimensions (so the display window doesn't get scaled acording to movie resolution - thanks Ageamiu)
» Dialogs are now scalled according to DPI setting (fixed problem with large fonts enabled in Windows - thanks Pavel Kostromitinov)
» Added option in configuration set the limit for overlapping frames - they get marked with red color (number of frames between lines and begin/end frames) thanks valja
DownloadVersion 1.65 available:

Version 1.64 (23th February 2003)
» DRAG&DROP support for original and translated subtitles window.
» Easy copying of actual cell between Original->Translated/Translated->Original: press SHIFT+ENTER
» Added support for MicroDVD tags {Y:} and {C:$}
» Dispalying filenames of edited files (Project, Original and Translated files)
» Fixed errorrs in Dispaly form (max. number of lines not getting saved properly and resizing of form upon changing values in config form).
» No more "Gird out of range" error messages.
» Some minor bugs fixed (removed wrong dialog in Create project form, in Config form languge pack info doesn't get scrolled down).
DownloadVersion 1.64 available:

Version 1.63 (28th November 2002)
» DISPLAYING SUBTITLES UNDER VIDEO - You asked for it and yes, it's finally here.
» Added the option Save As for original and translated subtitles.
» Altered behavior upon clicking on Save project when no project was specified - automatically going for new project and saving afterwards.
DownloadVersion 1.63 available:

Version 1.62 (5th September 2002)
» New configuration options added for specifying some interface options (including colors, fonts, number of frames to rewind/forward)
» Finally, fixed seek bar so you can quickly scan through the movie.
» WinXP styled icons.
» Added routines for adding/subtracting number of frames from subtitles, changing framerate of subtitles.
» Checking if start/end frames are greater than the ones before (looking for typing mistakes).
» Added switching between subtitles with TAB and marking the selected subtitles.
» Fixed error with non-existing translated file when creating new project.
» Fixed some non-localized dialogs.
» The translator.ini file is now created in Subtitles Translator home directory.
» When creating new project, the old TAGs get cleared.
DownloadVersion 1.62 available:

Version 1.61 (12th May 2002)
» TAG feature - you can mark lines you want to translate later.
» Fixed bug causing error when the translated file didn't exist.
» When you load new original subtitles file and you didn't save translated file, the message box gives you warning about this.
» The "-" bug is finally fixed!!!!
» The position and the size of display for video is saved in project file.
» Some dialogs made wider so different languages fit in.
DownloadVersion 1.61 available:

Version 1.60 (13th January 2002)
» Implementation of Microsoft Windows Media Player. The playback is smoother and faster. Basically, everything you can play in WMP, you can play in Subtitles Translator.
» New feature: after hitting when typing a line, the focus jumps automatically to next line (asked by some users).
» Fixed bug when changing font size in lower grid didn't change size of grid accordingly.
» Some dialogs made wider so different languages fit in.
DownloadVersion 1.60 available:

Version 1.54 (25th October 2001)
» Added support for language packs, so the program can now communicate with you in preferred language by you. (Included trn-en.lng - English language pack. For more languages visit
DownloadVersion 1.54 available:

Version 1.53 (15th August 2001)
» Added search dialog, so you can search for text in selected subtitles. (Replace dialog not implemented yet, I'm enjoying summer break, so please, be patient).
» You can specify in command line as a parameter *.stp file (project file).
» Selecting font changes only active subtitles editing grid (the one with focus), thus you can specify different character sets for each subtitles (thanks to Horacio H. for pointing out).
DownloadVersion 1.53 available:

Version 1.52 (1st August 2001)
» You can now resize columns in editing grid and it's size is saved upon exit.
» Added ability to rewind movie just before selected line in subtitles.
» Fixed selecting Font style and further saving it in environment.
DownloadVersion 1.52 available:

Version 1.51 (30th July 2001)
» Added Expert Mode, where you can insert, remove, merge, and divide lines only in one subtitles file. This mode is for people who want to repair some synchronization problems in their subtitles, as using it incorrectly leads to resynchronization and some RangeCheck errors.
DownloadVersion 1.51 available:

Version 1.50 private release only (28th July 2001)
» Added routines for inserting, removing, dividing, and merging lines in subtitles. Because of this, original subtitles is now editable, so be sure to use in translator only backup copy of original subtitles, when you want to preserve them.
Version 1.50 unavailable.

Version 1.4 b (25th July 2001)
» Added option to select different font for editing grid (The default font was too small when working in higher resolutions or on smaller monitors - Thanks to Korhan K. for suggestion).
» Program now saves information about some features in *.ini file in the same directory. This includes position and dimensions of application, last used font for editing subtitles and features in options.
DownloadVersion 1.4 b available:

Version 1.4 a (17th July 2001)
» You can now create project for your work, so you don't have to load separately all the files needed. Once the project is saved, next time you can start exactly at the position you left it (saved also movie position, start of selection, end of selection, and line number in subtitles grid).
DownloadVersion 1.4 a available:

Version 1.3 c (24th May 2001)
» Fixed help. Now, after selecting Help->Contents or pressing F1 help file is shown properly.
DownloadVersion 1.3 c available:

Version 1.3 beta (19th May 2001)
» Display for Movie Player now resizes according to loaded movie resolution.
» Fixed some problems with Track bar as sometimes during rewinding or stepping displayed wrong frame numbers.
DownloadVersion 1.3 beta available:

Version 1.3 (13th May 2001)
» First public release. Since it's not for me alone anymore, I added hints for buttons and help file.
» Added movie player! Well, it's only default mediaplayer from Borland C++ Builder™, so it acts sometimes strange, but it makes translating quicker. Video is choppy on a slower systems (K6-2 450), the player does not have DirectDraw support (or something like that).
» Video is displayed in default window, so you may need to resize it in order to fit the video resolution. Also, it displays in 100%, so if you have standard DivX movie (like 640x360), it takes a lot of desktop space, unless you work in 1200x1024 resolution :)
» Trackbar only allows seeking in the movie when movie is stopped. It's only programming problem, so in future versions this will probably change.
Version 1.3 unavailable.

Version 1.2 (April 2001)
» Finally, I altered the loading process. Now, you can load virtually any file in the translator and it shouldn't crash (with emphasis on shouldn't). The aim was to enable loading also damaged (somebody forgot to put } in the line or something similar) subtitle. The disadvantage is, that you are not so drastically informed about the error in subtitle file. Also, the other tags from MicroDVD Player like color or font are supported (well, not supported, but program can handle it).
» Added some shortcut keys.
» Fixed the bug which removed last line in translated subtitle upon saving.
» Some changes in graphics interface.
Version 1.2 unavailable.

Version 1.1 (October 2000)
» Well, one great add-on was implemented. When you try to close the application and you did not save the translated file, the program now gives you chance to save it before exit.
» Added command "go to line number" so you can immediately jump to line where you stopped last time.
» Minor changes: removed last empty row in grid, added option to replace start/end positions with ones from translated file upon opening.
» Somehow, removing the empty row in grid screwed saving translated subtitle and cut off last line. Actually, I did not notice it for a long time.
Version 1.1 unavailable.

Version 1.0 (May 2000)
» First functional version. It was intended for my personal use only.
» Had only basic features: open original subtitle, open and save translated subtitle. Oh, and almost forgot, exit.
» Status bar could display number of lines in file and actual line.
» The subtitle had to be strictly without any errors and all nonessential stuff. Otherwise the program would crash.
Version 1.0 unavailable.



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